Quintarelli Amarone 2005

Ok, what can I say…. When I see the familiar squiggles of a Guisepe Quinterelli label I go a little giddy… And no it’s not because I’m drunk! It’s because I’m in love. Not the self deprecating, argumentative and oh so often disappointing love between two people, but true love! Quinterelli never let’s me down, and always satisfies my needs!

The late Quinterelli passed away in 2012. He has left a legacy in his wake. To sum him up, he is the king of Amarone, the Dom, the legend, the father. This is quite simply all you need to know.

And as expected this 2005 Amarone Della Valpolocella is exactly what’s expected! As I plunge my nose in, as far as my face will let me, the aromas instantly “shoot” up my nose. And I feel drunk!!! This wine has already taken me! I’m a gona! There’s thick layers of licorice and tar… And even a hint of mint. There is bucket loads of dark cherrys and dried raisins, and this all carries through on the palate. Occasionally stopping between glutinous gulps, I give my self a second to a focus on

the intense fruits exploding in the mouth. The wine is complex with red currants and dried fruit finishing off with sweet baking spices. This bad boy of a wine is full, explosive, and concentrate.

As I polish off the glass I’m left with this beautiful mouth coating of milk chocolate. This wine has great acidity and invites me back for more.

This wine isn’t cheap but who said you had to eat this week anyway!!!!!

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