The Atacama Desert – the driest on earth

Extreme winemaking in The Atacama Desert Firstly, what is Terroir? If you have every spoken to somebody who works in the wine world, you would have inevitably heard them use the word ‘terroir’. Very often misunderstood, this world loosely translates to ‘sense of place’. There is no English equivalent.  The…

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Happy Beaujolais Nouveau Day!

Happy Beaujolais Nouveau Day! Yay! Its Beaujolais Nouveau Day, and you know what that means? It means an extra excuse to drink wine. So, here is an introduction into the grape variety Gamay and this fun and fruity day. The grape and the region Gamay is the red grape variety…

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A weekend away at Tillingham Wines

A weekend away at Tillingham Wines The Winemaker It made complete sense when Ben Walgate, Winemaker and Owner of Tillingham Wines said that he had grown up on a farm. To Ben’s very core you can see the respect he has for his surroundings and the love and admiration for…

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Tour and Tasting at The Mount Vineyard

Tour and Tasting at The Mount Vineyard The sun is shining, it’s a Sunday and you are thirty? What should you do? What any sane adult should do – go visit a vineyard. And as our English wines continue to get better, so does the hospitality in our English Vineyards.…

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A vineyard day out from London: Squerryes Winery

A Vineyard day out from London: Squerryes Winery London: This city is known for its diversity. It satisfies every history buff to all food connoisseurs, abundant in royal parks and alive at all hours of the day if you know where to look. But for any true wine lover, the…

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Battle of the Supermarket Rosés

Battle of the Supermarket Rosés Yesterday (Saturday 8th June) was National Rosé Day, so I took it upon myself to find out who has the best Supermarket Rosé . I set myself a few rules: the wines needed to be from the supermarkets own brand premium range, they couldn't be…

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