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People often ask me where does this psychotic obsessive need to learn about wine, to taste more wine come from. Why do I dedicate my days learning about the native Teren grapes of Croatia or the beautiful coastal region, Punta de Este in Uruguay? Well it certainly doesn’t come from my parents. The smartest people on earth. My dad, the walking encyclopaedia and my mum, the most emotionally susceptive human being… But drinking a bottle of Kumala and Jacobs Creek have always been the way for these two… And so no wonder it took me a great deal longer to understand what the wine world had to offer.
So this is me, 5 ft 7” (actually I think more like 5ft 6½”… But who’s counting), blonde hair, blue eyes, (although my boyfriend has just told me they are green – I’m having a self-crisis! ) 32 years old, relatively normal looking from the outside but with a superhuman talent of talking for England. Stay with me, and I think you’ll see it’s true.

So at the grand old age of 17, I was classily downing wine with the same discipline as Usain Bolt. Get to the end as quickly as possible! By the end of my 17th year I was so well trained that I was even starting to like this sugary pink syrup that they call Blossom Hill Rosé. Corner shop wine for me please! I kept on thinking to myself, why on earth would you spend more than a fiver on a bottle of plonk? And then naively I jumped on a train and set up shop in the city of London. I took a job as a waitress in Goodman steakhouse, whilst I pursued a career as a famous actress (that’s another story altogether, but feel free to ask!). In between prancing around the restaurant, folding the odd napkin and laughing at rich city boys passed out at the table after drinking copious bottles of Sine Qua Non and Ridge Monte Bello, it started to dawn on me that good wine smelt pretty awesome.

So here I am, a few years later, a ridiculous amount of wine consumed, finally the WSET diploma under the belt and an unquenchable thirst to know more. So here is the question now. Why love wine???
A simple equation. WINE = travel + art + culture Forget yoga retreats, I challenge anyone to stay in the middle of a vineyard, overlooking the panoramic views of scrawling hills, valleys, lakes, the uniform rows of vines, with perfectly formed rotund little grapes bursting with sweet sugars, as the sun beats down and the fresh clean wind shakes the leaves gently. Paradise! Walking through the terrain of vineyards you truly get to appreciate nature in its most splendid form. Wine is made not only just for drinking, but for pairing with food, and as you sample the local cuisine and pair it perfectly with their native specialties you feel enriched and grateful by the opportunities that you are given. If it interests you to tour through these wineries, choice a family owned vineyard and take the time to listen to the wine maker and their fellow employees, you truly get a sense of what hard work really is. These people are farmers are heart and the love and attention that goes into these bottles is inspiring. The creative process in which a winemaker chooses how much oak to use, and what type, and how old, or what percentage of grapes to use in his blend, or even more, which plot of land he will use in his icon range.
As I gradually and slowly tour the world (too much work, and too little time), I get a sense of how other countries live, how the same detail in a bottle of wine can be translated into the detail in which I live my life. And more importantly, wine represents a subject that will never ever be fully learned. It is ever changing and growing by the second. It is a race where I will never cross the finishing line, but I can get pretty drunk trying!
After working my way up to the Head Sommelier at Beast Restaurant, where every day I got to live in my very own candy shop full of bubbly that awakened my senses, and full explosive reds that took a hold of me, every single one with a different story to tell. I now work as the Brand Ambassador for Vina Ventisquero where I tell their story, and that story changes every year! Wine doesn’t need to be poncy…. Wine is as fun as stealing sweets from a pick and mix at the cinema (yes Mum, I’m looking at you!) and as satisfying as looking around and knowing that you weren’t caught! It’s something to indulge in and more importantly something you can share with your family and friends. And for anyone who was worried about my parents wine habits…. You can all take a deep breath out now. They now, have all the kit. Not only does Dad’s decanter gets as much use as a turkey baster at Christmas time, but the bottles he’s opening are the likes of the stunning La Rioja Alta’s and age worthy Viña Tondonia’s…. He even knows which vintages to pick out!!!!!
So I will be using this blog to update you with wines that I’m tasting, vineyards I’m visiting and most importantly a medium to talk a lot of crap about something that I love, and hopefully you do too. So welcome to the ramblings of this weird and wonderful girl, ready to take the wine world by storm.


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